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Honolulu Scuba Diving Tours

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to scuba, but aren’t sure that it’s for you, this is the perfect introduction! Our experienced team…

Scuba Diving Boat Charters Oahu

Already certified? Book a space aboard the Māori Warrior for an awesome 2-tank dive charter. Scheduling and space may be limited. Add Nitrox for $30…

Private Boat Charters for Diving Oahu

Want to have a one-of-a-kind experience?  Book our 6-pax boat to take you and your friends where you want to go!

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Diving is what makes us tick and Rebreathers are our passion. Ocean Legends is setting the standard for Rebreather diving in Hawaii,


Dive deep, dive long. Explore our wrecks! Ocean Legends is Hawaii’s leading technical diving training center and the only Rebreather training facility in the state of Hawaii…

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Oahu Scuba Diving Tours

Looking for the best scuba diving in Oahu? You’ve found the right place! Take an underwater adventure with Honolulu’s premiere diving academy with Ocean Legends! Oahu, Hawaii offers some of the world’s best diving locations. Our island is home to thousands of diverse diving sites, all of which offer a rich display of incredible aquatic life. From caves and lava tubes to reefs and shipwrecks, Ocean Legends provides the best scuba diving in Hawaii. We offer a variety of tours and services for first time beginner divers to expert diver training and courses. We provide PADI certifications, boat charters, shark diving, night dives, snorkeling, and more! Call or email us to schedule an adventure! (808) 852-8881

Honolulu’s Premier Scuba Diving Training

Learn & Experience the Best of Nature
The scuba diving sites on Oahu and Honolulu are one-of-a-kind nature experiences you won’t see anywhere else. When you go scuba diving in Hawaii, you will see much more than diverse aquatic life. The reefs and walls that cover Oahu provide life to Hawaii’s marine life forms and environment. In the caves and lava tubes you can see incredible underwater rock formations. If you are a history buff and want an educational and unique scuba diving experience, there are half a dozen shipwreck sites to visit, including the legendary World War II plane, the Corsair. Learn more about shipwreck diving.

We are Waikiki Honolulu’s only Oahu scuba diving academy that provide training from the first time scuba diver to specialised military dive training courses. You will learn from the top scuba instructors in the world. Explore Hawaii scuba diving with the experts and locals of Honolulu Oahu!

We provide lessons, charters, and certifications daily year round throughout Waikiki and other island locations. We are more than just a scuba diving tour company. We are a diving academy. The ocean must be respected, and we prioritize our student’s safety above all else. Our academy’s training has gone through decades of iterations prioritizing competency, safety, and of course having fun diving beneath the sea. Learn more about what you will learn about from a diving school.

Tourists and locals alike that are interested in diving Oahu should call with any questions and speak with our certified scuba instructors. We are friendly and love to answer questions from the first timer to the career professional. Interested in how to become a certified diver?

We have the best qualified certified scuba instructors on the Hawaiian islands who are only seasoned watermen, are excellent at teaching. With easy to reach boat departure locations just minutes away from Honolulu, our Honolulu scuba divers will love it.

Ocean Legends offers many interesting opportunities to see and interact with incredibly rich and diverse Hawaiian marine life. Marine life in Hawaii such as the rare Hawaiian monk seal, the majestic Hawaiian sting ray, sharks of various types – the tiger shark, tons of reef fish of Hawaii and those memorable honu’s a.k.a Hawaiian green sea turtle. Give us a call today to start diving! (808) 852-8881

Scuba Excursion with Ocean Legends

Shore Diving Oahu
Shore Dives

Oahu has a wealth of amazing dive sites accessible by simply walking into the water.

with Ocean Legends Scuba Diving Oahu
Night Dives

Night diving opens the doorway to a different ocean.  Not only do you have the…

DVP Snorkel and Turtle with Ocean Legends
DPV Snorkel

For all of the non divers that would like to experience the amazing waters of Hawaii.

Freediving with Ocean Legends Scuba Diving Oahu
Freediving & Spearfishing

Freediving (skin diving) has been practiced for thousands of years by native populations

Navy Diver with Ocean Legends Scuba Diving Oahu
Military, Law

Our comprehensive Military, Law Enforcement, Fire  Rescue program is tailored …

Monkie Diving with Ocean Legends Scuba Diving Oahu
Monkie Diving

Come experience the freedom of Monkie Diving.  You, Back Plate, Slinged Tank, …

shark diving with With Ocean Legends Scuba Diving Oahu Hawaii
Luxury shark diving

Loose the crowds and discover some of Hawaii’s best diving aboard the 61.5’…

Scuba with with Ocean Legends Scuba Diving Oahu
Off Island Scuba

Dreamed of diving in Maui during the humpbacks’ winter season? How about diving …

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Darren Fox

Darren Fox is the owner and founder of Ocean Legends Hawaii. He is a PADI Master Instructor, SDI/TDI Instructor Trainer and IANTD Instructor with...
Darren Fox

Kerry Dean

Kerry Dean Fields was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Upon graduating from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in Aerospace...
Kerry Dean


Alison first got certified in 2001 through NAUI in a freezing cold, muddy lake in Denver. After that experience, it took her 9 years to try...

Steven Tyler

Steven is an avid diver and an advocate for ocean conservation. He is a qualified Technical Rebreather diver and loves diving in Hawaii. Darren...
Steven Tyler

Charlie Allen

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
From Vero Beach, FL. Served 6 years’ active duty in the U.S. Army as a Military Police Officer. After the Army he attended Valencia College in...
Charlie Allen

Greg MacDonald

Greg MacDonald, originally from Eugene, OR served 9 years in the United States Navy and currently serves for 9 plus years in the United States...
Greg MacDonald

Happy clientsabout us

I recently spent a week with Ocean Legends Dive Center in Honolulu. It was a fantastic experience! Whether you are looking to earn your first scuba diving certification or are a seasoned veteran they cater to all diving needs. They also offer rebreather training on a number of different units. I have had the opportunity to visit quite a few dive operations in a number of different countries and Ocean legends is one of the best I have ever dealt with. Owner Darren Fox and his team offer top notch customer service, training and a wide variety of exciting dive charters. For any divers who are visiting Honolulu I would strongly recommend Ocean Legends as the place to go.

Ian CarterTrainer

I took my ‘Padi Open Water Scuba Diving’-Certification with Ocean Legends and can completely recommend them to anybody who wants to learn Scuba Diving! Mike Matzinger was an awesome teacher and Bobby Ortiz an awesome divemaster who made me always feel safe in the water. The teacher went through the whole material we needed for safe diving, so that it didn’t feel like studying at all :). Ocean Legends made me the best price I could find in Honolulu/Waikiki-Area, and also gave me a fair price for a package for my own gear (incl. diving-mask, snorkeland fins!). I think it’s really nice to have your own diving gear from the beginning, which I can recommend!


I just had to send a note to say a special thanks to Liz my diving professional last Friday. She was super patient and encouraging the entire time. And although myself and my companion were terrified at first she made the process seem like a breeze. LIZ WAS AWESOME!

Ken KSeattle

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