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Scuba Diving Tours in Oahu, Honolulu, Hawaii

Take an underwater adventure with the Oahu and Honolulu scuba diving experiences from Ocean Legends! Hawaii offers thousands of diverse scuba diving locations, all of which include amazing aquatic life. From raves and lava tubes to reefs and shipwrecks, Ocean Legends provides the best scuba diving in Hawaii.

Learn & Experience the best of nature

The scuba diving sites in Oahu and Honolulu are one-of-a-kind nature experiences you won’t see anywhere else. When you go scuba diving in Hawaii, you will see much more than diverse aquatic life. The reefs and walls that cover Oahu provide life to Hawaii’s marine life forms and environment. In the caves and lava tubes you can see incredible underwater rock formations. If you are a history buff and want an educational and unique scuba diving experience, there are half a dozen shipwreck sites to visit, including the legendary World War II plane, the Corsair.

The stuff of Legends!

Ocean Legends is a product of over 20 years of training and dive exploration worldwide. Founded by Darren Fox, Ocean Legends represents excellence in all aspects of diver training and experience. We hold our company to the highest standards in the industry, and believe strongly that scuba diving is about people. Our professional staff help unlock every diver’s potential and offer a safe environment in which to explore and expand their horizons.

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