Why Divers Love Night Diving

Scuba Diving at night is like a forest expedition at night. You can see all those animals that are hidden away from sight during the day come out at night to feed and explore. When your dive light shines brilliantly on them, you get to see an altogether different underwater world. Night diving allows you to appreciate the colors on each marine creature when you shine your light on them. And when you turn off your flashlight, you will be surprised at the amount of light that is reflected from the moon and the stars on a clear night.

Another reason, why night divers love diving in the dark, is bioluminescence.  Bioluminescence occurs when the planktons are moved in the dark causing them to emit light. When you turn off your flashlight and wave your hand through the water, you can witness this beautiful glow that day diving can’t show you.

Many night divers begin the dive at sundown. For a really unique experience, plan a night dive just before dawn and watch the underwater world come to life right in front of you. An early morning on a coral reef can be just as fascinating as twilight and when you make your ascent while the sun is making one of its own, there’s just no better way to start the day.

If you want to experience night diving, it is recommended that you get the PADI Night Diver Specialty certification because night diving requires additional skills beyond Open Water diving during the day. Ocean Legends offers PADI Night Diver courses with PADI Specialty courses that will help you add to your skills and experiences. Call 808-852-8881 experience scuba diving in one of the best diving spots in the world with Ocean Legends, who represent excellence in all aspects of diver training and experience.

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