What You Will Learn From a Scuba Diving School?

To start scuba diving for fun or if you wish to make a career in it, you should join a scuba diving school or dive center. Professional, certified instructors at the dive center will help you master the techniques, safety procedures and the art of diving. Then you can get your scuba diving certification at the end of a diving course certified by PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors).

Here is what you will learn from a scuba diving school.

Learning about the Gear

When you begin scuba classes, in addition to classroom or e-learning work, you’ll learn about the gear and how to set it up and the role of each piece of equipment. A good instructor will go at a pace that’s comfortable to you so that you can learn every skill.

Diving Skills

You’ll learn several diving skills like how to use your BC’s inflate/deflate valve.

Breathing through a Regulator

In pool sessions, during diving training, you will learn to get comfortable with breathing underwater.

Getting Horizontal

Once you’re comfortable, you will learn to swim on the surface while breathing through the regulator.


You’ll gain confidence as you get comfortable with the gear, in the confined and secure environment of a pool.

Neutral Buoyancy

You’ll learn about neutral buoyancy and being properly weighted, so that you can descend correctly.

Get your Certification

Once you’ve mastered all the skills and completed all the classroom or e-learning work, you’ll do your 4 open water dives after which you’ll get certified.

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