Subgravity Scooters

Here at SubGravity, we are constantly working to create the best gear possible. If our equipment isn’t better, we might as well not make it.

When we first looked at launching our own line of DPVs, we had one rule: “Don’t make just another scooter”. We looked at what was already available to consumers in the U.S., then expanded our search globally. During these months of intense research, it became very clear that there was already a scooter manufacturer with a design that was clearly above the rest- Bonex. We were so impressed by the German craftsmanship and engineering, we knew we had to bring them to the North and South American market.

SubGravity DPVs, engineered by Bonex, are all about high performance and reliability in a compact package. These innovative scooters have been developed and tested extensively with these features in mind. Exploration dives are only possible when the equipment meets the demands of the project, is light and is 100% reliable.

Simple operation as well as the easy handling makes diving in advanced environments safer and more enjoyable. State-of-the-art technologies such as lithium-manganese (LiMn) cells and modern servo technology are used in our DPVs. These features (along with many others) offer the safety and runtime that exploration divers expect from their high end equipment.

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