Rebreather Training

Hawaii Rebreather Training
Photo courtesy of Brian Bugge
We are a full service CCR facility on Oahu with sorbant for sale, ability to mix Trimix and can rent O2, diluent, and bailout bottles - everything needed for the traveling CCR Diver.

Diving is what makes us tick and Rebreathers are our passion. Ocean Legends is setting the standard for Rebreather diving in Hawaii, and can service all of your CCR needs. From training on cutting-edge units like Inspiration and Titan to ordering your custom CCR units and Softnolime/CO2 absorbent supplies, Ocean Legends is the destination for Rebreather divers both living in Hawaii and visiting our islands.

Ocean Legends only use IANTD for tech training and is a full-service CCR facility on Oahu. We offer sorbent for sale, ability to mix Trimix, and can rent O2, diluent, and bailout bottles. We have everything you need for the traveling CCR Diver.

Only Ocean Legends offers divers in Hawaii this level of training, equipment access and quality of instruction. As a 5 Star SDI/TDI Instructor Training Center and IANTD Platinum Technical and Rebreather Training Facility, we offer it all. Contact us for information on pricing packages.


  • IANTD Rebreather certifications in warm Hawaiian waters
  • Custom CCR orders through exclusive Titan and Silent Diving dealerships
  • Gas fills, Rebreather cylinders and scrubber materials
  • Rebreather accessories
  • Instruction by renowned Rebreather Instructor Darren Fox, one of the leading Rebreather instructors in Pacific Rim and Ocean Legends owner

Questions about our lessons, dives, or certifications? Give us a call! 808-366-2897