December 26th PM Club Dive

Yesterday I had the pleasure of Diving with Chris, Jim, Joanna and Lloyd for the afternoon club dive. We started out at Ewa Pinnacles which was absolutely gorgeous. The seas were a bit rough but once we were at the bottom it was completely calm. This reef had far more sea life than the usual spots which was a great sight to see.  As we headed back to the line for a group photo, Crash cruised by. Too bad his buddy Nemo was not with him.

After the Pinnacles, we headed to Navy Tug but the conditions had gotten too bad so we headed back to the town side where the conditions were much better. We did our second dive at Deep Pipe and spent most of our time eel and octopus hunting on reefs just west of the pipe. We saw a small school of puffer fish and the usual reef fish along with a pair of moray eels and a few spotted eels.

I am trying out some new editing software so bear with me as you look at the photos below.

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