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Ocean Legends Top Dive Sites

The Maori Warrior departs multiple times daily to bring divers to and from our top dive sites

Ocean Legends offers dive charters in a variety of dive sites around Oahu and the Hawaiian archipelago. Most of these sites can be reached within a day from Kewalo Basin, where our Maori Warrior dive vessel finds its home.

Though all sites make for great diving, on standard charters the staff at Ocean Legends has a few favorites that we’ve selected especially for training purposes. These include shallow reef sites with abundant marine life and plenty of light – most ideal for discover scuba and new divers but a pleasure for advanced divers as well. On the deeper side, several wrecks and amazing sunken treasures are within range of our standard dive charters. Notably, the wrecks of the Sea Tiger and the YO257.

Dive sites are selected based on the training needs of the range of divers on a given charter, with priority necessarily being given to the least experienced divers in the group. We do our best to schedule advanced divers on charters that are able to go to advanced sites. These are more frequently the morning charter – departing at 730AM – and the night charter – departing around 530PM.

Horseshoe Reef is perhaps our very favorite site. It’s a shallow isolated coral haven for Hawaiian biodiversity and divers of all levels will appreciate the range and beauty of the sea creatures that call this site home. Maximum depth is just over 50ft at the deepest, though the majority of the reef sits in the sand at a slightly shallower depth. Something we love about this site is the easily-navigable structure. The double-horseshoe shape has a very clear cutoff from the surrounding sand, which makes natural navigation relatively straightforward for certified divers who may wish to dive as a buddy team. If conditions are perfect, it is possible to make a short swim to Secrets Reef, an adjacent site sitting just to the east of Horseshoe and a frequent location for spotting the famous Honu sea turtle.

For advanced divers, the Sea Tiger wreck and the YO257 provide the top dive sites for slightly deeper and specialty training. The Sea Tiger sits at 120 ft in the sand with the main deck at about 100 ft. At these depths, no-decompression limits become a significant factor and we do encourage the use of nitrox for prolonged dive times. Our other top dive site for advanced divers is the YO257 shipwreck. This site is a little further east, near Diamondhead, and can be affected by current. In good conditions, it is a pristine site for swimthroughs  and Honu sightings.

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