Tank Fills & Repairs

Tank Fills & Repairs

Ocean Legends is a full-service tank fill and repair center.
We also offer certification in gas blending

  • Air: $5 per fill
  • Tank fills for both low and high pressure cylinders
  • Enriched Air (Nitrox): $10 per fill
  • 100% Oxygen fills for both low and high pressure cylinders: $25 per fill
  • Trimix fills – **we have helium!** 21/35, 10/50, 8/60 (Call for pricing)
  • Rebreather cylinders custom blends (Call for pricing)
Repair service is available for all scuba equipment, including regulators, computers, BCDs, and specialized equipment.  All major brands are welcome.
Please allow 2-3 weeks for an annual service to get your gear into top working order.

 NOTICE: As of December 2010, Dacor regulators are no longer able to be repaired – parts are no longer available.

Call us : 808-852-8881

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