rEvo III

Born Out of Passion

After a lot of research and development and a beta series, the “revolution” was commercialised in 2007 and after a short while the “revolution” became the “rEvo”.

After a few more years of research and development the rEvo III is now the latest model but rEvo Rebreathers continues it’s research for even better performance and to answer even more of the needs of the rEvo Customers.


Dimension Height (with handle) Height (without handle) Width (no tanks) Thickness (incl wing and harness) Thickness (no wing and harness) CL Lung Volume
rEvo III Standard 63cm 58cm 38cm 22.5cm 20cm 7 litre
rEvo III Mini 58cm 53cm 38cm 22.5cm 20cm 6.5 litre
rEvo III Micro 54cm 48cm 35cm 22cm CE – 21cm non-CE 19.5cm CE – 18.5cm non-CE 5.5 litre CE – 4.5 litre non-CE

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