Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) Training

Ocean Legends is Hawaii’s only Rebreather training center and is the destination for Rebreather diving in the state.  Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) diving is considered the frontier of underwater exploration and requires specialized training and equipment.  A rebreather filters out the CO2, or “scrubs” the air you breathe, recycling the gas in a closed loop so there are no bubbles and you use less gas.

With a rebreather, you dive in a silent world, getting closer to marine life than you ever thought possible!  CCRs also enable divers to stay down longer, anywhere from 5-10 hours.  Expedition divers, cave divers, videographers and photographers are just some of the people who use closed-circuit rebreathers – and now you can too.

Our Closed-Circuit Rebreather (CCR) training includes:

  • Rental and retail CCR units
  • Small classes sizes (1-4 students)
  • Academics in our specialized rebreather workshop
  • Training dives in both confined water and open ocean
  • Instruction by Ocean Legends owner and renowned Rebreather Instructor Darren Fox, one of the leading Rebreather instructors in the Pacific Rim

CCR Training is split into the following four Modules:

1)   CCR Air Diluent Diver

2)   CCR Air Diluent Decompression Diver

3)   CCR Mixed Gas Diver

4)   CCR Advanced Mixed Gas Diver

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