Ocean Legends schedules regular dive activities and private charters aboard our own Maori Warrior 6-diver boat. The Maori Warrior departs from Kewalo Harbor at four regularly scheduled times daily, depending on the needs of  our divers. Other vessels are scheduled for large groups or when more space is needed than can be accommodated. All charters depart from Kewalo Basin.

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Charters leave at the following regularly scheduled times:

  • 730 AM (Meet time 715) – Usually reserved for advanced divers, the early morning charter is ideal for wreck and deeper diving as currents and visibility tend to be minimal at this time
  • 11 AM (Meet time 1030) – For DSDs and entry level divers, the sun is high in the sky and plenty of light illuminates the dive sites
  • 3 PM (Meet time 230) – An all purpose charter, suitable for divers of every level
  • 530 PM (Meet time 515) – The night charter. Usually includes one dusk dive on a wreck while the sun is setting and another at a reef site after sundown

Full Day Private Charter – 1200$

Reserve the Maori Warrior for an entire day of Oahu diving. Our experienced captain has knowledge of dive sites around the island, all of which can easily be reached within the duration of the day. Book groups of 1-6 divers. The dive deck accomodates 12 S80 aluminum cylinders with plenty of space for deco cylinders beneath the benches. Dive guides and instructors available per your needs. Make it a party with food, which can be arranged within weight capacity and safe limits!

Given the nature of our full day charters and the range of dive activities made possible by reserving the Maori for an entire day, we suggest the addition of Underwater Photo & Video Service so you can relive your unique experience with Ocean Legends over and over again

Technical / Rebreather Dive Charter – 149$

Reserve one of our regularly scheduled charter times aboard the Maori, which is fully equipped for rebreather and technical diving. Dive guides and instructors readily available

Half Day Private Charter – 700$

Reserve the Maori Warrior for a half day of diving. All sites around Oahu can be reached within this time and the number of dives and sites is up to the group

Standard 2-Tank Charter – 99$

Already a certified diver? Book a space aboard the Maori for a standard 2-tank charter. Scheduling and space may be limited. Add Nitrox for just a few dollars extra and significantly increase your bottom time. Or add a full Nitrox Specialty Course for 99$

Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) 2-Tank Charter – 149$

A DPV resembles a torpedo and can be used to effortlessly glide through the water. Not only will this reduce stress from finning and increase bottom time with lowered air consumption, it will allow divers to greatly increase the range they can cover underwater. Did we mention it feels like flying?

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