Wreck Diving Oahu, HI

Dive Oahu wrecks with us and have the adventure of a lifetime!  Most people think of Oahu dive sites in terms of our unique marine life, but Oahu is also home to great wreck diving.  From the Sea Tiger to the Mahi, say aloha to history underwater and see first hand the unique environment created by artificial reefs.  Whether you’re a recreational or technical diver, there are countless wrecks and reefs for you to explore and experience.


Portals to the Past

Wrecks are portals to the past and offer a unique window to a different kind of underwater world. While some ships like the Sea Tiger were purposely sunk in an effort to create man-made reefs, planes like the Corsair were casualties of World War II.  Wrecks, particularly older ones, teem with diverse marine life and are breathtaking dive sites.  Endangered Hawaiian sea turtles (honu), spotted eagle rays, white and black tip Reef Sharks, and a vast assortment of unique tropical fish and eels make wreck diving in Oahu the talk of divers worldwide.

Love wrecks?  Consider getting your PADI Wreck Diver Certification!
(Not a requirement for the above Guided Wreck Dives)

Our PADI Wreck Diver course teaches you the ins and outs of rewarding, responsible wreck diving and adventure.  Join us for exciting dives on the haunting wrecks of Oahu’s south side, including the Sea Tiger and YO-257.  Because wrecks are often in deep water (80-120 ft), consider doing your Deep Diver specialty at the same time.

Wreck Diving Map

The map and table below show some of our favorite wreck dives in the Oahu area.  Coordinates have been compiled from various resources – let us know if you have more accurate data!  All wreck dives are rated Intermediate to Advanced.  Contact us today to schedule a guided dive of these amazing sites.

Photo Credit: Rigo Neira

Name Latitude Longitude depth Experience Level
Airplane Ledge 21.4461 -158.20583 65-95 ft Beginner
Baby Barge Wreck 21.236582 -157.765045 85 ft Beginner
Corsair Plane Wreck 21.218661 -157.741356 108.3 ft max Beginner
LST Wreck 60-75 ft (110 max) Beginner
Mahi Shipwreck 21.366129 -158.167763 90 ft Beginner
San Pedro 21.26077 -157.8375 85 ft Intermediate
Sea Tiger 21.2799 -157.85995 127 ft max Intermediate
YO-257 21.26077 -157.8375 85 (deck) – 110ft Intermediate

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