Off Island Excursions

Off Island Scuba Diving Excursions

Dreamed of diving in Maui during the humpbacks’ winter season? How about diving with the manta rays on Big Island? We are in the process of developing our off-island excursion schedule, so check-in with us about future trips. If you have enough people, we can also customize a trip specifically for your group.

Night Dive with the Manta Rays – Big Island

One of the top ten dives in the world. We’ll can take you to the island of Hawaii – or Big Island – where you’ll swim along these giants of the sea at night. The Manta Ray dive is a night dive, consisting of a two-tank dive boat charter that we arrange. Check out this great video shot by our Divemaster Mike Marcelo!

Dive Molokini Crater – Maui

Dive beautiful Molokini Crater, the island of Lanai, remote Molokai, and beautiful Turtle Reef. We can create an off-island excursion led by our expert staff that will show you the best that Maui has to offer under the waves.

Dive the Garden Island – Kauai

We’ll explore the Sheraton Caverns on the south shore of Kaua’i where ancient lava tubes created stunning archways and overhangs, as well as other sites such as Zacke’s Pocket, Brennecke’s Ledge, General Store, Nukomoi Point and Ambers Arches. Kauai is home to thriving reefs, tropical fish, reef-tip sharks, large Jacks, Moray eels, and the rare Hawaiian Morwong.

Dive with Sea Turtles (Honu)

We’ll take you to dive sites that double as turtle cleaning stations, so you’ll have first-hand experience diving with these beautiful and peaceful creatures. Honu are endangered, so we will familiarize you with the rules before the dive. Common sense: don’t touch, harass or chase them. Just enjoy having the privilege of sharing their world.

Humpback Whales (Kohala/Winter Dive Season)

Every winter, humpback whales call Hawaii their home. It’s a once in a lifetime experience to share the waters with these gentle giants. You may hear their haunting calls underwater as you explore a dive site, or you may be lucky enough to find yourself looking at one through the blue. We’ll go over precautionary tips and whale facts before the dives.

North Shore Shark Dives (Mano)

If you’re interested in learning more about sharks and having the adrenalin rush of diving along side them, we’ll take you to dive sites that are home to these amazing predators. While you’ll see mostly black and white reef-tips, we can also arrange an excursion through our partners on the North Shore where you’ll see Galapagos and Sandbar sharks from an underwater cage.

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Night Diving with Manta Ray

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