ISC Megalodon

The Meg 15 may be integrated with several types of electronic systems, scrubber sizes and types, gas supply cylinders, harness and BC assemblies.  The ISC Megalodon 15 CCR or more fondly called “The Meg 15” is a CCR system that has been embraced by divers of all skill levels around the world. With its versatility of design, it can be configured to meet any level of diving and keep pace with the divers skill levels.

Fundamentally the Meg was designed for the most demanding dives with consideration for the diver and their needs. Addressing not only the basic requirements of performance that a true 3rd party tested CCR must undergo, but also the other considerations that are not considered, such as travel concerns and conducting repairs in remote locations.

The design of the Meg meets fundamental design requirements established by the creator Leon Scamahorn, Founder and CEO of InnerSpace Systems Corp, in the USA. InnerSpace Systems is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company and the only one like it in the USA at this time. ISC is a custom CCR manufacturing company that designs systems to meet customer requirements.

The Megalodon is the first and only CCR system that has an open architecture framework to support a variety of CO2 scrubber systems, electronics, gas supply cylinders, and harness and buoyancy devices. This modular approach enables the user to configure the CCR to meet operational requirements. First CCR system to successfully integrate other commercially available OEM company’s dive computers and system controllers into existing ISC automated oxygen injection controller, (APECS™) system. All integrated electronics pass all current regulatory requirements.

Please visit this Closed Circuit Rebreather CCR Training page to learn more about other rebreather units that you can be trained too.

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