Oahu Dive Sites

Oahu Dive Sites – The Finest Place to Gather

Ocean Legends invites you to join them in a new underwater adventure! And what better place to meet than the breathtaking Island of Oahu itself? After all, its name does signify “The Gathering Place”, where upon landing there, you’ll also advantageously find yourself on the Southern Shore; the very heart of Honolulu. With thousands of dive locations all around, scuba diving in Oahu gives you endless possibilities. Your choices are unlimited. No matter who you are or what your diving proficiency is, Oahu’s aquatic diversity offers something for everybody. Choose from an array of different experiences in dive sites, ranging from caves and lava tubes to reefs and wrecks.

Come see for yourself why Oahu has merited the title as the world’s finest place to gather. From the ornate coral reefs, to the haunting wrecks of the deep, scuba diving in Hawaii will never disappoint. Find your journey today and let Ocean Legends open your eyes to a whole new world.

Reefs & Walls

Our reefs and walls cover all four corners of the Oahu compass; the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western Shores, each with its own distinct characteristics. So much that, in fact, some sites are dubbed seasonal and can only be admired by enthusiasts during certain times of the year. These reefs provide the lifeblood of our marine environment; supporting the abundant life forms that makeup our oceans. Oahu reefs offer divers the chance to see turtle cleaning stations, rare corals and unique marine life, along with some stunning wall dives as well. For history aficionados, some areas are even said to have been ancient Hawaiian fishing grounds.

 Caves & Lava Tubes

Thrill seekers? Seek no further than Oahu’s majestic caves and lava tube sites. These sites are a great way to experience an amazing natural phenomenon, including sea arches and ledges, which are rarely seen by other people. The Spitting Caves are a sight to see! Observe as the rock formations “spit” up water into the air and marvel their audiences. Or test your endurance with a hike down the Northern embankment to Sharks Cove.


 Wreck Diving

Looking for something new? Dive back in time and say aloha to underwater history as you explore over half a dozen wreck sites that await you. Portals to the past that offer a unique window to a different kind of underwater world, teeming with diverse marine life and breathtaking sights created by artificial reefs.  For history buffs, visit the legendary World War II casualty plane, the Corsair. Environmentalists can visit the endangered Hawaiian sea turtles (honu), spotted eagle rays, white and black tip Reef Sharks, along with a vast assortment of unique tropical fish and eels make wreck diving in Oahu the talk of divers worldwide.

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Dive Tip

The most important piece of equipment a diver uses is their scuba regulator. A regulator that works well in both warm and cold water and in deep and shallow water will cover all of a diver’s bases for years to come without needing to invest in a new one as the diver’s skill level increases.

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